20 Week Reflection on God's Promises


Here is a 20 Week Reflectional to help you really embed God's promises to you in your heart, and reflect on how in everyday life you hold on to his promises for the prosperous plan he has for you. Some weeks will be more challenging than others, but have faith that over the weeks you will see many blessings. 


Week 1: Exodus 14:14
'The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.' 

Being still can definitely be a challenge, especially if you are  person who is pretty independent, the ''if I need anything done, it is better that I do it myself' moto. It is quite interesting how we can take things on without even realising, then when things become too much we cry out to God for help, when all we had to do in the first place is be still and leave the situation with him. God does not expect us to fight alone. In fact, he says 'HE' will fight for us, which means we do not have to. The next time we have someone or something come against us, rather than deal with it yourself and fight back, go to our Father, be still and know he will sort it. 

This Week's Reflection:

How can I do better in dealing with situations when it seems that people are against me. How can I trust God more?

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