Events Service


Our events team are here and ready to make your event one of impact. It is important to us that we cater to your desires, therefore all of our services can be broken down, leaving you to be involved in the process as much or as little as you wish. 


The event process


The process begins with a consultation, to find out what your needs are and get to know a little bit about you. You may opt for our full package, or choose our partial package where you desire to plan areas yourself. Whatever package you choose, we will work with you to create a special event that is personal to you. Over the weeks and months, you will continually see those ticks  appear in the boxes, giving you peace of mind.


Congratulations!! Marriage is truly beautiful. 


Now you are engaged it is time to plan your wedding!! Would we advise you hire a wedding planner, yes! Are we all expensive, NO! Click here for more detail on our wedding services and a list of reasons why a wedding planner is very useful.





Charity Events

Signature Moments works closely with local charities and churches in delivering their fundraising strategies. With an understanding of the charity sector, we have expertise in delivering charity events.


Some of the events we have delivered are:

- 5-a-side football tournament

- Diamond Jubilee party in the park

- Family trip to Margate

- Christmas parties

- Community BBQ
- Project launches


Special Occasions

Christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers....we love planning special ocassions. Events are a great way of celebrating and marking special moments in our lives. They give us lasting moments and reminscent smiles.


We adore delivering these types of events, as the happiness that it seen by those experiencing the event is priceless.

Corporate Events

Companies often have events as an element of their marketing strategy. Should you need to raise awareness of your business, or specific service/product, want to show acknowledgement to your staff or investors by throwing them a party? Or host a networking event? We are happy to make that happen. 


We will work closely with you to showcase your business inline with it's ethos, with the overall aim of achieving the set out goals i.e. increase product sales, build networks, enhance staff moral.