Fundraising Services


It is close to our hearts to support charities carrying out life changing work, by supporting them in achieving their fundraising aims. As a Christian company, we emphasise in giving God the glory. We are passionate about support Churches in and around London share the good news, transforming lives.

Fundraising Events
Application Writing


We are experienced in writing fundaising bids for charitable organisations. 


The application process can be lengthy, and there can be several stages to a successful application. 


We will work closely with you to gain a full understanding of the project you wish to deliver, down to the finest detail, as it is our job to sell it on paper. 


The process begins with a consultation, followed by ongoing communication to ensure you are happy with the application before submission. 

Fundraising Events and Activities


Fundraising events and activities is what we call the fun side of fundraising, as unlike writing applications, events and activities are largely social and engaging.


Some of the events and activities we have delivered include:


* 5-a-side football tournament

* Christmas ball



Fundraising Strategy


We will help you to create a fundraising plan, that will outline all of the actions needed to support you in achieving your fundraising needs. It will also support you to work in priority order.


Once complete the document should be a working document used by those responsible for fundraising in your organisation, and reviewed regularly.