Glam 2019 Guests


We are so looking forward to our guests taking us on a journey on on God's promises to us and how we live in his promises, so that have an unshakable faith and forever grounded identity. 


Ify Alexis Lee - Guest Speaker


Ify Alexis Lee is a teacher of the Word of God, a sister and mentor to many and a loving wife to a wonderful man of God. In 2012, Ify began a blog that grew into a fruitful ministry called Love Limitless, an organisation that empowers and equips women all over the world to uphold God’s standard of biblical womanhood. 

Armed with a passion for God and a love for people, she aims to see a change not just in her immediate circle but in the world; one soul at a time. Not only is Ify a minister, teacher and speaker, she is a mentor who devotes her time to helping women navigate the different seasons of their lives in a way that is honouring to God. In 2016, Ify became an elder at House of Lights, a revival movement that reveals God’s emerging Ecclesia and it is here that Ify met her amazing husband David, whom she married in 2018. Through her union, many have been blessed as she shares the realities of godly relationships with those she meets.

Lynda Heron - Guest Speaker

Lynda Heron serves as the Ministries Director and Senior Leader alongside her husband Jason at Elim Church Northampton. Lynda loves women to be confident in all that God has made them to be; seeing them set free to soar into all that God has designed for them.


Speaking at various conferences, church services and events, Lynda brings a powerful message that brings hope and purpose that is both challenging and inspirational, delivering the word in a refreshing way.

Lynda is part of the Aspire Network; Elim's Women's Ministry, speaking, blogging and recording podcasts on various topics that will inspire women. 

Elim Northampton

Donna Akodu - Worship 


In her mid-teens Donna gave her heart to the Lord and He released from within her a heavenly voice with which to worship him. Donnas’ music ministry has led her to minister across the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and other parts of the world with Noel Robinson as part of Nu Image. She has featured on countless Christian television programs and on numerous radio broadcast in the UK.

More recently she has been leading worship for the Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) events in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, and is also the Worship/vocal coordinator for the events.

“Worship is not just a Sunday experience, it is a life experience” she quotes. There are many people who speak about the act of worship and in some ways are in love with the experience itself, but Donna’s key is not that she loves worship, but that she is passionate about her heavenly Father, the object of our worship.

Donna is married to Abdul and they have 2 children Nathaniel and Rachel. 



Renewed is Elim Church Leytonstones Worship Band. Led by Dan Collins and Jan Collins, the band consists of 12 members from singers, to instrumentalists, to dancers. The band has been running for several years and is excellent in taking people into a place of worship.


Elim Leytonstone