Decoration & Events Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. SERVICES: This agreement constitutes an order for wedding/event/decor hire services. 

  2. PAYMENT: Client agrees to commit to payment in full on all packages in advance of hire, as detailed in the payment plan attached to the invoice.


  1. Hire goods remain the property of Service Provider at all times.

  2. The hire period will commence from the time of delivery and will terminate following the hire goods' collection.

  3. During the entirety of the hire period, the Client will be responsible for the safekeeping of the hire goods and for keeping these goods in a reasonable state of repair.

  4. The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the hire goods beyond reasonable wear and tear. The Client will be charged for any repair or refurbishment work that is deemed necessary.

  5. In the event of total loss or irreparable damage to any hire goods for whatever reason, the Client will be responsible for the full replacement value of these goods. It is the Client's responsibility to arrange insurance against such risk. Full details of replacement values can be obtained upon written request.

  6. Service Provider will make every effort to deliver and collect goods at the times specified by the Client, however it will not, under any circumstances, accept liability for any expense borne by the Client for any delay in delivery or collection.

  7. In the event of a delay in collection, the Client is reminded that they are responsible for the safekeeping of the hire goods as detailed in clause 2.

  8. Service Provider reserves the right to substitute alternative goods of a comparative or superior quality subject to availability.

  9. It is the Client's responsibility to inform Service Provider in writing when hire goods are ready for collection. The hire period will not end until such collection is effected. The company undertakes to effect a collection within 7 days of the notice.

  10. All hire charges quoted are per week/per month/agreed hire period and no reductions or refunds will be made after the commencement of the chargeable period.

  11. Acceptance of a quotation constitutes an order being placed and is consequently subject to the following cancellation fees:

            Cancellation received more than 7 days before the event: 25% of the invoice value.
            Cancellation received within 7 days before the event: 50% of the invoice value
            Cancellation received within 2 days before the event: 100% of the invoice value.


  1. OFFICE HOURS & COMMUNICATION: Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays by appointment only. Holidays are by request only. Requests must be submitted no less than 48 hours in advance and must be agreed upon by both Client & Service Provider. Email's are welcomed outside of office hours, however they will be responded to during office hours. Telephoned or video meetings must be pre scheduled no less than 24 hours prior. Cancellation requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. 

  2. SERVICE COMPLETION: This agreement will terminate upon completion of the service(s) (Event date) plus 1 working day.

  3. PAYMENT OPTIONS: MasterCard, VISA, or Bank Transfer are accepted and payment is processed through our merchant account on the 1st of each month.

  4. LATE PAYMENTS: Payments not received by due date will result in work cessation. Service Provider reserves the right to refuse completion or delivery of work until past due balances are paid.

  5. ACCURACY OF INFORMATION: Client agrees that the accuracy of information supplied to Service Provider is the sole responsibility of Client, and that Service Provider is not responsible and shall not be held liable for the results of services performed on the basis of inaccurate, incomplete or untruthful information furnished by Client.

  6. INDEMNIFICATION / RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Client shall indemnify, defend and save Service Provider harmless from any and all suits, costs, damages, or proceedings, including, but not limited to, Service Provider's services, pertaining to any and all litigation in which the Client is a party. Client shall pay all expenses incurred by Service Provider including, but not limited to, all attorneys' fees, costs and expenses incurred should Service Provider be named a party in any litigation to which Client is a party. Client shall further indemnify and hold harmless Service Provider and its agents, officers and directors from liability for any and all claims, costs, suits and damages, including attorneys' fees arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the operation of Client, and from liability for injuries suffered by any person relating to the Client. This agreement to indemnify Service Provider is not limited to any acts or omissions, statements or representations made by Service Provider in the performance and / or nonperformance of Service Provider's duties here under and relating to all contractual liabilities, which may be alleged or imposed against Service Provider. In the absence of negligence, however, Service Provider will not be held liable for loss, destruction or damage of any kind resulting from items which are lost or delayed in transit, whether such transit is electronic, fax, mail or otherwise, not for unauthorised use by others of such property. Service Provider will not be held liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages.

  7. NON-DISCLOSURE AND NON-SOLICITATION: Service Provider shall not directly or indirectly disclose to any person other than a representative of Client at any time either during the term of this agreement or following the termination or expiration thereof, any confidential or proprietary information pertaining to the Client.

The terms and conditions of this Agreement may be modified or amended as necessary only by written instrument signed by both parties. By proceeding with securing our service(s), the client indicates that they understand, agree to and accept the terms and conditions as contained herein.

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