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What Does the Maid of Honour Do?

Isn't this exciting! You have been chosen as Maid of Honour, what a privilege!

Here is some guidance on how to be the best maid of honour ever!

1. Maid of Honour aka Chief Bridesmaid

This role of maid of honour (MOH) is such a privilege. You clearly have had a huge impact on the bride to have such an elevated role, so let’s not let things slide south now. You are the right-hand person to the bride. The bride should be able to lean on you at any time throughout the wedding planning process. describes this role as an ‘integral part in the lead up to and planning of the wedding day.’

So get prepared!

Get yourself and the bride a wedding planning journal. Use this as a guide to help you support her with the tasks needed. If she has a wedding planner (person) get connected. Let the planner know you exist by being at the planning meetings. Remember the key word is support.

Help the Bride to be Organised

Making selections might be tricky in some areas for the bride. She will value your opinion, so provide that helping hand. You can also help her out by being a point of contact for friends and family, and of course the bridesmaids, as the bride may be bombarded with messages asking her questions about the wedding. You can alleviate this stress by stepping in.

You Lead the Bridesmaids

It is your responsibility to ensure that the bridesmaids are well informed of the wedding plans, that they are clear on what they are assigned with and that they fulfil their duties.

Wedding Dress Shopping, Yay!!

This is fun! Remember the tissues and ask for that bubbly. Some brides get disheartened if that do not find The Dress on the first attempt. If that is the case for your bride, let her know that it is OK and totally common. She will find it. Support her in finding bridal stores to go to and remember to think about the shoes, accessories and alterations.

Your Dress

Please do not leave this until the last minute. Your journal will guide you on the timeline on when to order your dress and the bridesmaid dresses too. We say at least 6 months before, as it may take some time for dresses to arrive depending on where you are ordering them from. Plus, you may have different body shapes so may need alterations too or even have different style dresses to compliment your shape.

Party Time, Wahoo!

Take some time to find out the dos and don’ts from the bride before you start planning their bridal shower and/or hen party. Also be sure to find out what the bridesmaids can afford. Do not assume that they all have the same budget available. Pull in the bridesmaids to help with the party planning from the DIY and shopping to the distribution of invites. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Prepare Your Speech

It is likely that the bride would like you to make a speech on the wedding day, so have one prepared. have a great template to guide you on how to prepare a great speech.

Emergency Kit

Sometimes things can happen, so packing a ‘just in case’ kit may mitigate a big issue. Some items to include are safety pins, needle and thread, hair ties and Tampons. Pop over to our Pinterest board for a full list.

2. On the Day

Water, Toilet, Food, Water!

I always say to my MOH’s, “Please make sure that she is drinking water! And goes to the toilet before she puts her dress on.” It is amazing how many brides could go hours without drinking. We all want the bride to feel her best, so let’s keep her hydrated.

It is also important that she has breakfast. If you are staying at a hotel, make an experience of it and all have breakfast together. Do this first thing in the morning so you are not rushed off your feet when getting ready. If the bride says she isn’t hungry, encourager her to have something light, whether that is a yoghurt, apple or croissant. The time between the ceremony and wedding breakfast can sometimes be lengthy. We do not want her to become hangry, which leads us to the next point…

Bridal Pack

Have a little pack of essentials available for the bride: perfume, water, powder, deodorant, energy bar, mints, paracetamol, fan, tissue, lipstick. She will be thankful.

Drop of Items

Make the necessary arrangements for items to be dropped off in the morning. Items may include the guest book, cake knife & server and seating cards. If a ring cushion is being used, ensure that the best man receives it, or the parents of the ring bearer aka page boy. If you have a wedding coordinator, they will be the person to give these items to.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

You have a team of bridesmaids with you, so make sure to share the work. Tasks on the day will include assisting the Mother of the Bride, rounding up friends and family for the wedding photos, helping the bride to go to the loo, ensuring the bride and groom do not cross paths before they are supposed to, helping the bride get dressed, helping the bride stay calm, keeping the groom’s ring safe, keeping their marriage license and other important documents safe, holding the bride’s bouquet when needed and anything else that the bride may need during the day.


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