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Flower Walls vs Balloon Arches

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Well for starters, both flower walls and balloon arches and garlands look so pretty! And they make for a stunning backdrop for photos.

But here at Signature Moments, we choose Flower Walls, and here is why...

The planet is crying out for our attention and the wedding and events industry has a significant impact on the environment, from single use items such as balloons and plastic cutlery right through to even the way items are produced, such as inks and even floral foam.

Balloon arches and garlands are gorgeous but what does that do to the environment?

'Balloons and decorative items that glitter and sparkle actually break down to harmful microplastics.' says an article from

So admittedly, you may be reading this and then see a post of a balloon garland go up on our Instagram but rest assured that we are gradually filtering out from providing balloon arches and garlands as a service. Instead we are focusing more on using our Flower Walls. Yes, they too are not the best on the environment due to the way that they are produced, however they are significantly better on the environment than balloons as they are reusable.

And something exciting for us, we are currently exploring how we can create a similar look to a balloon arch or garland, without the use of balloons!

Keep an eye out on our Instagram & TikTok as we explore this new approach to deliver sustainable weddings and events.

And please, we'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on how events can become more eco friendly.

Bye for now!

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