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This past month as part of our GLAM2018 community, we have been focusing on the topic Friendship. There has been some great discussions and insight into not only what a Good Friend is but what it means to be a good friend.

I guess it is the case that as an individual you should strive to be the friend that you strive to seek? Do you want a friend that will love you enough to challenge you when maybe you are going in the wrong direction or do not see your potential? I (Siobhan Dacres) love the fact that my circle of friends are people that I can rely on, treat me (everyone loves a treat right?), build me up with kindness, but most of all their love for me isn't conditional. Two friends in particular will happily threaten to slap me if I start to think negatively about myself...or focus on things that bring no good to my life but only hinder.

There are 5 love languages which more often than not, are used in the context of a marital relationship, but it is just as valid in friendships, as we all like to be appreciated...but more so we should want to show people that we appreciate them. So one of my friends love coffee, so I purposely make him a coffee to show him love. Another friend thrives on spending time together (so much so I have a key to her flat), so I try to hang out with her often. I purposely let my friends know that I love them...something I really struggled to do before...the awkward L word that causes you to have to be vulnerable. But vulnerability is strength.

I have to say, I am still learning to be a good friend, as sometimes when a friend asks for a favour it can sometimes feel like a chore, so I am continuing to retrain my thoughts and do what I ought to do, not what I want to do.

We soon move into May, where we will be discussing #Expression. Connect with the GLAM community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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